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The HotSauce Table Service Solution enables you to deliver exceptional customer service and increase your sales by integrating all of the POS features you need most into one reliable, user-friendly and powerful system.

Who is HotSauce?

At Hotsauce Technologies, we strive to develop and distribute the best restaurant point of sale software in the industry. All point of sale features and functions are created by Hotsauce Technologies. There are certain features and functions that Hotsauce Technologies has chosen to utilize outside software manufactures to ensure we offer the best pos solutipn possible to our end users. We do not directly sell these add on softwares but the Hotsauce Technologies Team will assist you with guding you through their sales process.

MB Merchant Services is proud to offer HotSauce Point of Sale systems to our merchants. HotSauce makes table mapping easy and will even do it for you! Contact MB Merchant Services today to learn more about HotSauce and how it can work for your restaurant!

HotSauce Features

Unlimited Menu & Modifiers

View and Manage all active tables

Coursing and Hold/Fire Abilities

Guest Ticket and Seat Management

Order and Pay At the Table ( Requires Additional Hardware )

Cashier and Server Banking

Item Lookup

Happy Hour/Alternate Pricing

Bar Tab

Item Recipes Accessibility

86 Item Management

Manager Cards

Real Time Sales Reports

Transfer Tables

Kitchen Display System

Driver Routing

Online Ordering

Chowly, Orca, and Quickbooks integration

Customizable Dining Room Display

Multiple Print Zones 

Tax Inclusive

Auto Gratuity & More

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