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MB Merchant Services offers a wide variety of terminals and Point of Sale Systems to fit each unique business. Business owners can contact MB Merchant Services to find  out which system is right for their retail or restaurant business.

Additional Services

Gift Card

Looking for an easy way to keep your customers coming back? Our Gift Card Program is the perfect solution. With multiple locations and online purchasing options, it couldn't be easier for your customers to purchase and use our gift cards. Plus, they provide added value for your business by encouraging repeat purchases and attracting new customers.

Payroll Integration

Say goodbye to manual processes and compliance concerns with our Payroll Integration product. Our seamless integration ensures that your existing payroll software is fully compliant with tax laws and regulations. Our product also automates manual processes and provides you with real-time insights and reporting, giving you full control over your payroll.

Guest Loyalty

Keep your customers coming back with our Guest Loyalty Program. Rewarding your customers for their loyalty has never been easier. Our program is designed to increase repeat business and foster customer relationships that last. Sign up today and get loyalty program cards that offer discounts, gifts, and other incentives.

ACH Services

Our ACH Service streamlines payment processing and eliminates the need for paper checks. As a result, transaction times are reduced, and payments can be processed more quickly. Our plans are cost-effective, designed to meet business requirements of all sizes, so you can save both time and money. Choose our ACH Service to experience the convenience of electronic payments today.


Introducing our Kitchen Display System - the revolutionary way to manage orders and improve efficiency. With our easy-to-use system, orders are streamlined and mistakes are reduced, ultimately leading to happy customers and increased revenue. Let us help take your business to the next level!

Online Ordering and Invoicing

With our online ordering and invoicing system, you can kiss manual data entry and payment chasing goodbye. Our user-friendly system makes it easy for you to streamline your business operations, with everything securely stored in one place. From customizable templates to order and invoice tracking, we have you covered. Sign up today and start simplifying your business life!


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