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Quantic POS

Billing and restaurant POS software to simplify operations and maximize profits. Get an end-to-end, customized arrangement with all the features you need to expand, grow revenue, and improve your user experience. Enjoy a comprehensive and modern FSR solution that keeps customers impressed.

Why Choose Quantic QSR?

Quantic offers the best Quick Service Restaurants POS system that streamlines restaurant functioning and increases staff members’ productivity.

Quick Service POS is loaded with many useful features such as invoicing and transactions, sending orders directly to the kitchen, creating discounts for existing and new customers, controlling inventory, managing recipes, creating beneficial combo packs, and managing online orders from various online food aggregators in one place.

MB Merchant Services offers Quantic Point of Sale to merchants. Quantic is great for businesses like Retail, Food Truck, Quick Service Restaurants and more. Contact  MB Merchant Services to learn more about Quantic and set up a demo today
MB Merchant Services offers point of sales that allow you to manage your business easier. Quantic POS offers back end reporting, Kitchen Display Systems and more. The image shows the backend reporting view on Quantic POS

Kitchen Display System

  • Easy to use

  • Reduce waiting time

  • Meal pacing

  • Cook times

  • Greater convenience for staff

  • Increase order accuracy

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  • Course manager

Orders can be monitored and managed instantly through the screens in the kitchen. The kitchen display system (KDS) can prioritize orders based on their preparation time.

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